About Revfin


REVFIN is more than a FIN for your Drills in swim, Athletic and Rehab

An Everybody tool that finds APPLICATION on:
  • Swim Training
  • Aquatic Aerobics
  • Athletic Conditioning into water
  • Aquatic Based Rehabilitation

The NEW DRAG concept to increase your POWER and STRETCH

The concept of REVFIN was conceived to bring the center of water resistance back to the foot, increase body stretch, and allow a swimmer to train with a kicking motion that is the same as the flutter kick without a fin. REVFIN has been designed by FEM (Finite Element Modelling) analysis. The modeling job has allowed optimizing its shape and stiffness. As the water flow exerts high pressure on the fin paddle up to a force of 200N, the engineers had to work choosing the appropriate shape and material to limit the deflection to 0.47 Inc.

Add a NEW DIMENSION to your workout in the water

With its comfortable fit of natural rubber, REVFIN creates a soft and secure fit. With its paddle underneath the shoe REVFIN applies the drag action while experiencing the higher requested effort needed to gain propulsion through the water. REVFIN efficiently stretches your rachis and legs more than any other equipment does. The water fluid-dynamic allows your foot to easily slice through the water while the resistance force is applied. Whereas the ribs, located on the top of the paddle, helps you catch the water on your up and down kick, stabilizing the movement.


The REVFIN underneath paddle can be easily changed. Thus allowing future applications in term of different colors, shapes and material consistency. Interchangeability by by “smart fit” system makes REVFIN unique in the water tools market. You can experience different shapes of paddle, making modification by yourself or asking for a customization.


Workouts and Drills go a step ahead with REVFIN

We’ve been designing fins for over 25 years, with thousands of satisfied customers; we can honestly say that we are the experts in fin design.

REVFIN is a truly innovative product

REVFIN is currently used by international professional swimmers, tri-athletes, fitness swimmers and rehabilitation physicians worldwide.

How to change REVFIN configuration

Just move the paddle a step back as shown in the photos and you will experience a very extra drag. This severe configuration is advised to who loves very hard workouts and drills.

REVFIN Customization

Thanks to REVFIN smart fit system you can attach your own device underneath the sole. Smart fit is a feature that no other FIN on the market can provide. You can invent applications as you like for any kind of exercise in the water, from the extra strong drag action to the very light, you can even attach buoyant devices.