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  Virtual Trainer (VT) has been designed to provide an AID to those disciplines where SPRINT and RUN performances are important. From Track and Field to Soccer and Baseball the train improvements gained running behind a LED Light Spot that pulls you at your desired speed, acceleration and direction are remarkable.
VT finds applications in different SPORT training drills where the athlete speed and acceleration plays an important rule. No matter the degree of workout you can develop, VTM can be set at different levels of difficulty just changing the basic setting. Play with VT in disciplines like:
  • Swim
  • Athletics & Track and Field
  • Team Sports: American Football, Basket, Baseball, Rugby, Soccer

VT LED Light is moving with an accuracy of one tenth of second and resolution of 0,1 meters

Make your choice between:

The LED Light Strip is positioned on the bottom of the pool. You can install a single lane or a multiple lane. Each lane can drive 6 different swimmes by as many light colors. The LED Light pointer is moving with variable speed according to the Swimming phase: Dive, Constant speed, Deceleration before Flip Turn.

VT Multisport

The LED Light Strip is positioned on the Field Track. A single user can enjoy the LED Light movement according to the preset speed and acceleration. Settable Rest Time between reps is shown by the LED Light. Additional function like Elastic Mode and Jump Mode are available on this VT version.

VT Customized App

Up to 400 mt of LED Light Strip can be installed on your Track & Field Ring or on your GYM. It’s up to you to figure out any application that can be easily costumized. Ask for your free quotation.


Virtual Trainer can be of different lengths from 20 mt up to 100 mt and can even cover the 400 mt full ring of the athletic field when applied as a fixed installation.
VT components can be customized as desired. The main components are:
1 LED Light strip in a coil – different length from 20 to 400 mt
2 Electronic control unit in a Handbag – battery included
3 The data setting SmartPad – OPTIONAL
4 USB armlet and user manual
5 Weights and guides set to fix the strip – only water applications

VT is thought for Coaches and for Athletes

VT provides to coaches the capability to plan all team training with the absolute repeatibility of workouts.

The innovation of LED light

The LED light strip produces very visible Spot Light. The strip is flexible and can be layed down on any surface enven in tha car parking close to your home. The LED light is moved along the strip by a patented microprocessor system that allows fast response and accuracy. Very good precision and visibility is obtained 3 LED lights positioned every 100 mm.

From Run to Jump

Many SPORT terrestrials and aquatics disciplines take advantage from Virtual Trainer. Once pacing on movements is required VT helps in rhythm checking, increasing step by step of speed, compare performances and so on. VT is your training “Rabbit” on a wide range of SPORT disciplines like swim, soccer, basket, baseball, tennis, rugby and valley. It leads acceleration and SPRINT workouts.

A RABBIT for your training

VT is your pacemaker that you can tune as desired. VT leads you during run training and serves the role of conveying tangible information about pacing on the track during workouts.

VT Multisport is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech s.r.ls. .

Mobile or Fixed installation

When focused on Strip drills or Jump workouts the 20 mt VT Multisport makes the case by its mobile installation. VTM LED light strip is positioned and put in operation in ten minutes. Longer configuration up to 400 mt LED lighr strip, have to be carried out by VT Fixed installation. In tis case a customized designed is required.


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Vitual Trainer in the Park

A LED light spot moving at desired speed can be a nice innovation in your CITY PARK.

Speed is a reference for JOGGINGs, thus making training workouts on PUBBLIC GREEN AREAs more attractive.

VIRTUAL TRAINER SPORT for PARKs is an evoltution of the VT Sport release, specially designed for entertainment in a your town GREEN AREA. VIRTUAL TRAINER SPORT applied for recreation in your PARK area allows to:

  • follow a LED light spot that runs at reference SPEED
  • having a funny instrument that makes Your Training Section more exciting
  • improving the beautifullness of your GREEN CITY AREA by a technological device