Revfin fitness FAQ

What is REVFIN?

REVFIN is more than a FIN. It is new tool that adds drag to your movement in the water. The REVFIN paddle is positioned underneath the comfortable rubber shoe in such a way to apply drag. Your muscular apparatus will benefit the extra stretching and the extra work. REVFIN is the last innovation tool all round swim and aqua fitness.

Why REVFIN in Athletic conditioning?

The key point about REVFIN in Athletic conditioning is the drag applied from the feet. Each movement in the water from kick to jump will be enhanced in its efficiency due to the extra work required. Drag customization is the further advantage provided by REVFIN.


What means Drag Customization about REVFIN?

Underneath the shoe, you can easily apply your desired water resistance device. This is possible thanks to the smart fit connection provided by the sole.

What is REVFIN made of?

It is composed by the natural rubber shoe and the polypropylene underneath paddle. The design has been studied to apply the drag force up to 40% of body weight. The smart fit connection of the paddle makes REVFIN unique.

Which is the typical exercise by REVFIN in Athletic conditioning?

There are hundreds of exercise that can be invented with REVFIN; most of them are well described and showed at the page REVFIN Athletic conditioning.

Can REVFIN be used lying in horizontal position?

Of course yes. When lying horizontally two types of exercises can be exerted: the muscles stretching and strengthening. The first is done by legs standstill and slow movement of the arms, the second by the usual leg kicking.

Where can I find REVFIN?

Buy REVFIN here or contact one of our dealers.

How to get the drag customization device?

You can replace the paddle with your own resistance device or you can ask for a customization by email. You can even mount paddle reverse. When doing by yourself follow the website guides.