Revfin rehab FAQ

What is REVFIN?

REVFIN is more than a FIN. It is new tool that adds drag to your movement in the water. The REVFIN paddle is positioned underneath the comfortable rubber shoe in such a way to apply drag. Your muscular apparatus will benefit the extra stretching. REVFIN is the last innovation tool all round swim and aqua based rehab. Besides, allows the patient to modulate by himself the degree of strengthening of muscles, ligaments and joints.

Why REVFIN in Aqua Based Rehabilitation?

The key point about REVFIN action is the extra stretching applied to the rachis and to the leg/foot muscles due to the increased drag from the feet. Firstly the stretching is increased as amplitude and secondarily it is applied when the muscular apparatus is unloaded.


Which references about REVFIN in Rehab?

Therapists have just started to implement REVFIN in their exercises with good results. Follow the REVFIN Rehab section in the website to see the improvements.

What is REVFIN made of?

It is composed by the natural rubber shoe and the polypropylene underneath paddle. The design has been studied to apply the drag force up to 40% of body weight.

Why REVFIN is advisable to occupational therapists?

Think to the three main advantages of aqua based rehabilitation:  weight decreased of 97 %, hydrodynamic force applied to the movements and hydrostatic pressure that tones the body.  Add to that the possibility to increase the muscular and joints stretching under unloading condition (negligible gravity) and you can easily tell the great advantage proposed by REVFIN.

In which pathologies REVFIN can help?

In some pathologies related to lower spine (lumbosacral area), knee and ankle. Where  Hydro-kinesitherapy is applicable, REVFIN improves the exercise effectiveness by a simple and natural use.

Where can I find REVFIN?

Buy REVFIN here or contact one of our dealers.

What does interchangeability mean?

The paddle can be removed and changed with others, it can be even mounted reverse. You can change the color, shape and consistency. Do it by yourself or ask for customization.

What is the typical exercise with REFIN in aqua based rehab?

Stretching the spine when slowly moving horizontally positioned in water with the help of the pull buoy, kickboard and noodles to assure the buoyancy. Kick sitting on the poolside or moving the legs while standing vertically in the shallow water

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Is REVFIN safe?

When used properly, REVFIN is risk free for the patient as the degree of resistance force can be easily modulated by himself according to the speed of the movements in the water.

Which sizes are available?

Presently a unique size that covers USAm 9 ½ -11 (43-45 Europe) is available, the other sizes are going to be issued in the future.

I am not a therapist can I use REVFIN by myself?

When you are sure that the stretching action applied by REVFIN is suitable for your body condition you can work by yourself after being periodically advised by a specialist.