Revfin rehab

Aquatic-Based Rehabilitation by REVFIN

Water based exercises allow you to workout and rehabilitate yourself without the jolting and sometime painful experience of working on dry land. The buoyancy of water allows you to perform exercise with an improved impact on your body, and specifically:

  • Your Weight is decreased up to 97 %
  • Hydrodynamic resistance is applied to your movements
  • Hydrostatic pressure tones up your whole body

REVFIN is an excellent Aid for Occupational Therapists

REVFIN offers a great new way of working on your muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, limbs and spine. It raises some of yours exercise routines into a whole new level, making them more effective.

REVFIN makes the case for your Aquatic Physical Therapy Center

You need short time to realize how REVFIN helps in a successful Rehabilitation and supplies effective aid in Aquatic Physical Therapy.

Do you have back pain? By REVFIN you simply recover very fast.


Aquatic therapy can be defined as the use of water and specifically designed activity by qualified personnel to aid in the restoration, extension, maintenance and quality of function. There are dozens of techniques used in the aquatics industry, just to mention some of the most popular: Aquatic PNF, Aquatic Feldenkrais, Aquatic Yoga, Ai Chi, Bad Ragaz Ring Method Aquatic Pilates. Aquatic Rehabilitation will often allow earlier intervention of therapy while concurrently decreasing patient's pain, thereby improving confidence and compliance.


WHY REVFIN in Aquatic Rehabilitation?

You get a tool that allows your patients to gain advantage from the higher hydrodynamic resistance applied on the feet. This stretching and strengthening force can be modulated by the patient himself and can be modulated from zero up to 40% of the body weight. It can be efficiently applied in the Hydro-kinesitherapy exercises related to

  • Lower Spine
  • Knee
  • Ankle

REVFIN has been designed by swimmers and bio-engineers

With its comfortable fit of natural rubber, REVFIN is easily worn by your patient. Due to its shape REVFIN applies the drag action when moving either the legs or the whole body through the water. Then, REVFIN efficiently stretches your rachis and leg/foot muscles and at the same time strengthen the arm muscles. The advantage of being unloaded from the gravity while stretching the skeletal is the key point of this method. No other equipment is able to play such a rule in a so simply and effective way.


Make sure you are doing the best to improve your Rehabilitation Method

Occupational Therapists have to be careful about the tools they use and the interventions they employ to obtain the optimal results for their injured patients. New tools have to be carefully tested without impact on patients. REVFIN is a tool can be easily tested in a non-invasive way, as it has been already done with excellent results. Among the others, the main great results by REVFIN are achieved thanks to:
  • slow down in limbs movements
  • very significant stretching of muscular apparatus
  • increase in muscular strength and endurance

REVFIN on Back and Lower Spine Rehab

REVFIN can help in lumbar disk protrusions or herniation, spinal cord compression, spine instability and trauma. The key point of REVFIN action is the extra stretching applied to the rachis due to increased drag from the feet. Firstly the stretching is increased as amplitude and secondarily it is applied when the spine is unloaded and can be modulated as desired by changing the movement speed. Patients that are already able to swim can benefit from REVFIN by swimming with moderation kicking without forcing just moving the legs to keep them afloat and finding the propulsion by the arms only. For those who are not familiar with the water or are not able to move due to their injures, it is necessary the help of the pull buoy, kickboard and noodles to assure the buoyancy while the therapist can pull them form the pool wall.

REVFIN means Innovation in Aquatic Rehabilitation. Results Guaranteed.

Being pulled from the pool side gives high benefit in spine stretching. The rachis elongation is the basic and indispensable way to releave back pain.

REVFIN Knee Rehab

The knee joint is one of the most active joint in the human body and any sort of disorder or pain can affect the walking and movement of the body as a whole. Aqua Rehabilitation by REVFIN can be done by kick sitting on the poolside or moving the legs while standing vertically in the shallow water. TThe main advantage of REVFIN action is due to the slowed legs movement and possibility to modulate the effort as desired under unload conditions as the gravity force is almost negligible in water. Exercises after knee arthroscopic surgery can effectively benefits of this new technique, mainly knee ligaments and knuckle can be subjected to a faster recovery.

REVFIN is a simple way to effectively improve your rehab work.

REVFIN Ankle Rehab

Even the ankles small movements become more effective by REVFIN. The ankle joint gets extra stress which can be easily modulated by the patient. The more you improve the more you stress.

Ankle injuries limit joint range of motion and make it difficult to do weight-bearing exercises. To fast track the rehabilitation process, aquatic exercises by REVFIN are ideal. Aquatic therapy by REVFIN allows for exercises to be done at slowed movements and increased strength, at the desired degree of duty, while the gravitational force is dramatically reduced. As in the knee rehabilitation the method to apply consists on kick sitting at poolside or moving the legs while standing vertically in the shallow water.


C.D., Lady Good Health 54, Freelancer - Surgery on March 27th 2013 Heel Tendon Rupture - Mini Invasive Suture Mgriffit Modified Osaka - Prognosis 30 days - She walks by brace type Walker Aircast with Wedges after 5/7 days - Rehabilitation started on April - Hydro-kinesitherapy 2/3 times a week 1 hour each session - REVFIN exercises initial 7/8 and after 10 treatments 2/3 - June 2013 recovered - No problem to evidence

I.B., Man, Medium Health 51, Employ - Lumbosacral Disc Hernia L3-L4 S1 since 10 years ago - Prognosis: long recovery time and restricted movements necessary - Stands by dedicated jacket for 1 year - Rehabilitation by Hydro-kinesitherapy 2 times a week - REVFIN exercises 1/3 of the time since 6 sessions - January 2013, improvement reported as pain reduced - No problem to evidence

G.R., Man, Medium Health 53, Business Consultant - Meniscectomy right Knee year 2012 - Prognosis: Gonalgia Bilateral - Additional low back pain, back pain and sciatica - Rehabilitation by Hydro-kinesitherapy 2 times a week, 1 hour each - REVFIN exercises 1/2 of the time - October 2013, patient reports good satisfaction as pain relief - Improvements as far as muscular and osteoarticular issues are concerned

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