Revfin rehab

Aquatic-Based Rehabilitation by REVFIN

Water based rehabilitate exercise key points:

  • Your Weight is decreased up to 97 %
  • Hydrodynamic resistance is applied to your movements
  • Hydrostatic pressure tones up your whole body

REVFIN is an excellent aid for Therapists

Offers a new way of working on your muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, limbs and spine

REVFIN helps in back pain recover


WHY REVFIN in Aquatic Rehabilitation?

You get a tool that allows your patients to gain advantage from the higher hydrodynamic resistance applied on the feet. This stretching and strengthening force can be modulated by the patient himself and can be modulated from zero up to 40% of the body weight. It can be efficiently applied in the Hydro-kinesitherapy exercises related to

  • Lower Spine
  • Knee
  • Ankle

REVFIN has been designed by swimmers and bio-engineers

Comfortable fit of natural rubber

Easily worn


Make sure you are doing the best to improve your Rehabilitation Method

REVFIN is a tool can be easily tested in a non-invasive way.
The results are achieved thanks to:

  • slow down in limbs movements
  • very significant stretching of muscular apparatus
  • increase in muscular strength and endurance

REVFIN on Back and Lower Spine Rehab

REVFIN can help in lumbar disk protrusions or herniation, spinal cord compression, spine instability and trauma because applies stretch to the rachis from feet while it is unloaded from gravity

Patients can swim without forcing just moving the legs to keep them afloat and finding the propulsion by the arms only.

Who is not familiar with water can be helped by pull buoy, kickboard and noodles

In Endelss Pool: let the water pulling your back while you do not move

REVFIN Knee Rehab

Aqua Knee Rehabilitation by REVFIN can be done by kick sitting on the poolside or moving the legs while standing vertically in the shallow water. The effort can be modulated as desired under unload conditions

REVFIN Ankle Rehab

Aquatic Ankle therapy by REVFIN allows slowed movements and increased strength, at the desired degree of duty, while the gravitational force is dramatically reduced

Exercise are done by kick sitting at poolside or moving the legs while standing vertically in the shallow water