Revfin swim FAQ

What is REVFIN?

REVFIN is more than a FIN. It is new tool that adds drag to your swim, improves your workouts and your technique. The REVFIN paddle is positioned underneath the comfortable rubber shoe in such a way to apply drag. Your fatigue will increase and your swimming will improve competitively. REVFIN is the last innovation tool all round swim training, aqua fitness and water Rehab.

Which references about REVFIN?

Several swimmers of the international ranking are using REVFIN, it has become a useful training partner. REVFIN has been designed by swimmers for swimmers with the help of bioengineers and by 25 years of experience on fins manufacturing.

What is made of?

It is composed by the natural rubber shoe and the polypropylene underneath paddle. The design has been studied to withstand the resistance force that, in case of the elite swimmers can be up to 45 lbs each leg.

Which is REVFIN feature?

REVFIN adds drag to your swim. When you swim you can appreciate the higher muscular effort requested to your arms, legs and abdominals. REVFIN allows improving your arm stroke technique. You are applied by higher hydrodynamic resistance and you have to apply a more efficient arm stroke in the water to move on. Besides, the “slow down” motion helps in optimizing the hand path under the water in the underwater arm stroke phase.

What about the flip turn?

The drag effect following the kick in the last part of the flip turn is highlighted. While the push off the wall you loses a little efficiency.

Where can I find REVFIN?

Buy REVFIN here or contact one of our dealers.

What does interchangeability mean?

The paddle can be removed and changed with others, it can be even mounted reverse. You can change the color, shape and consistency. Do it by yourself or ask for customization.

What is the typical drill with REFIN?

REVFIN is advisable in power and endurance workouts, and whenever you want to enhance muscular effort of arms and legs by the drag effect. See the drills here suggested.

Download Swim TRAINING drills

I am not a professional, does it worth I use REVFIN?

REVFIN is an everybody tool. If you want to increase your muscular mass or burn fat it makes your case. You need to get acquainted with the new hard kick and arm stroke and you will be soon fully satisfied.

Which sizes are available?

Presently a unique size that covers USAm 9 ½ -11 (43-45 Europe) is available; the other sizes are going to be issued in the future.

I have got a back pain, can REVFIN help me?

REVFIN stretches your rachis. Keep the feet still (if you can, with your pull buoy) while pushing off with the arms. Alternatively, if you cannot make effort on your arms, somebody can pull you from the pool border. Follow the Rehab section.