Revfin swim

REVFIN Adds Drag to Your Swim

Improve your training


REVFIN enhances your muscular effort both of arms and legs. The "slow motion" effect while you swim at the maximum effort allows you to optimize the underwater arm stroke and to improve its sensitivity.

Ramp Up your swim training by focusing on Strength and Technique

REVFIN allows the extra power exertion by natural technical movements that cannot be generated by a simulating machine on dry environment



Make sure you are doing your best to Improve your Training

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power and endurance.

  • Build Power
  • Improve the Swim Stability
  • Improve the Sensitivity of the Underwater Arm Stroke

Forget Parachute and Drag Suit

REVFIN Freestyle

Manage the great efforce requested at your swim

Give pace to arms and legs

Discover the greater sensibility requested to the underwater arms stroke

Enjoy greater efforce at abdominals

By the Pull Buoy enjoy the rachis stretch

REVFIN is a italian design product

REVFIN Breaststroke

When you bring your legs together at the end of the leg kick REVFIN applies its drag

REVFIN Backstroke

At the six-beat flutter kick with legs not breaking the surface of the water REVFIN acts with drag

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What Olympians and Professional are saying

“ The REVFIN performs as advertised as a tool to increase drag in your swim sets ”

Beginnertriathon magazine US- Review

“ It is useful and fuctional, it creates higher load without throw off the balance of the swim, it does a great strengthening job ”

Alessandro Corradi-SMGM Team Nuoto Lombardia


“ Truly effective and useful, even at breaststroke style I got immediate benefit ”

Paolo Bossini-MasterSwim+


“ I am very satisfied, I use REVFIN every week ”

Federico Bocchia-Esercito Club 91


“ A very good complement to our swim equipment that ads a new dimension to the swimtraining ”

Roger Bostrom-TriathlonSweden