Revfin swim

REVFIN Adds Drag to Your Swim

REVFIN provides aid to your swim training. It adds drag when you swim thus improving endurance and power.

Train Smarter! Improve Yourself


REVFIN enhances your muscular effort both of arms and legs. The "slow motion" effect while you swim at the maximum effort allows you to optimize the underwater arm stroke and to improve its sensitivity.

It’s time to bring your Training to the Next Level

You need short time to get acquainted with REVFIN and you can soon realize how, applying your normal swim technique, it will be optimized thank to the "slow down" effect.

Ramp Up your swim training by focusing on Strength and Technique

Some years ago it was thought that high work load during training would have been the ultimate way to gain high athletic performance. Nowadays the quality of the training has become the first priority, according the maxim: LESS IS MORE. The technical issues are the most important aspects to be taken into care on the way to success. REVFIN has been designed just to this purpose, that is to dispose of a tool that, into the water, allows the extra power exertion by natural technical movements that cannot be generated by a simulating machine on dry environment.


REVFIN comes with 90 days improvement guarantee

Finally, a tool that allows you to perform high power workout on your sets without affecting your technique

REVFIN has been Designed by Swimmers for Swimmers

REVFIN is the last innovation all round aqua fitness and swim training tools. Kicking this new concept helps develop technique, strength and speed. Wearing REVFIN you swim fast!


Make sure you are doing your best to Improve your Training

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power and endurance. REVFIN is ultimate swim tool for improving endurance and sustained power. It is the choice of top amateur and professional athletes and renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you in reaching maximum levels of fitness and success with these features:

  • Build Power
  • Improve the Swim Stability
  • Improve the Sensitivity of the Underwater Arm Stroke

It's time to get rid of Swim Parachute and Drag Suit

REVFIN Freestyle

When swimming freestyle REVFIN works at its highest efficiency. It's a step by step process to follow to improve your swimming when you put REVFIN on. First, pay attention to your body position, then be focused on the higher effort that is requested to your arms stroke to move on. Your legs pacing must be calibrated according to the new attitude and your swim stability will be consequently easily controlled. The sensitivity of the underwater arm stroke will be increased together with the abdominal work once you are acquainted with REVFIN. With the aid of the pull buoy, when your legs are almost standstill, you will experience the rachis stretching at its greatest.

REVFIN means innovation in swim training.
Quality guaranteed.

REVFIN Breaststroke

People often make the mistake of working too hard with the arms when it's actually the legs that are the engine of the stroke in breaststroke style. When bring your legs together at the end of the leg kick REVFIN applies its drag action. The arm movement is a sculling action using the hands and forearms to generate propulsion that must be higher when you have REVFIN on.

REVFIN Backstroke

Backstroke is not as fast or efficient as freestyle. A six-beat flutter kick with legs not breaking the surface of the water is used in backstroke and REVFIN acts on this stage: the drag effect is applied on the legs movement. Besides, the pitch of the hand is always changing to get maximum feel of the water and can be easily optimized by the "slow down effect" obtained by REVFIN.


You do have to kick to keep the balance and keep your feet aligned, for sure, and you will be impressed by the high power requested to your legs, and to your arms as well. You will realize how your mileage will significantly improve. This is the innovation by REVFIN, no other equipment is able to supply you such a power increase. The resistance force is applied on your feet, and this is a great benefit to your rachis. Any regular swimming set can be transformed into an efficient workout by REVFIN: long or short repetitions, fast or slow intervals, ladders or descending pace.

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What Olympians and Professional are saying

“ The REVFIN performs as advertised as a tool to increase drag in your swim sets ”

Beginnertriathon magazine US- Review

“ It is useful and fuctional, it creates higher load without throw off the balance of the swim, it does a great strengthening job ”

Alessandro Corradi-SMGM Team Nuoto Lombardia


“ Truly effective and useful, even at breaststroke style I got immediate benefit ”

Paolo Bossini-MasterSwim+


“ I am very satisfied, I use REVFIN every week ”

Federico Bocchia-Esercito Club 91


“ A very good complement to our swim equipment that ads a new dimension to the swimtraining ”

Roger Bostrom-TriathlonSweden