Virtual trainer swim FAQ


VIRTUAL TRAINER is the LED light strip that driver you when swimming. It is a pacemaker system, your “Rabbit” in the pool. patented high tech system that allows to set the timing to follow and allows to create your own training table. It comes as tool set easily configurable and usable.

Why VIRTUAL TRAINER in swim training?

The key point about VIRTUAL TRAINER is the reference spot LED light that is moving at desired speed and acceleration. Then, plenty of applications can be invented in the workouts of speed and endurance. Besides, it allows to compare your performances with the score of your competitor.


Which references about VIRTUAL TRAINER?

Some pools have been already equipped with VT Fix installation and may swim teams are testing succefully using VT mobile version. Ask for detailed reference list.

What is the technology behind VIRTUAL TRAINER?

The hearth of the patented technology is the usage of a programmable LED light BUS. which allows driving each LED of the hundreds meter LED light strip with accuracy of 1/10 second. Each LED light strip can drive up to 6 different colors independently.

Fix or Mobile installation?

VIRTUAL TRAINER can be installed Fix of Mobile. Fix application must be implemented during pool construction or alternatively when significant maintenance job are carried out. Mobile applications are less expensive and do not require construction works, besides do not interferes with the pool cleaning robot.

Which is the accuracy in terms of space and time?

VT provides 3 LEDs light every 100 mm. That means space resolution of 33 mm. More than 1 LED can be activated at the same time so the spot light becomes longer and better seen. Time accuracy is guaranteed within 1/10 second.

How many swimmers per lane?

Each LED is able to light 6 different colors that can be independently activated. So, 6 swimmers per lane even with different workouts.

What is the VIRTUAL TRAINER price?

VT price depends on configuration. VT mobile with one lane only is the cheapest configuration thought for the single swimmer. More complex installation are in sport clubs affordability. Ask an offer for your requirements.

What is the typical exercise with VIRTUAL TRAINER?

VT helps your coach give you the pace. It allows comparing your performance with champions challenge and direct competitors. VT works fine on repetitions made by one or more athletes sequentially. Follow the leading LED light spot reference increasing the speed according to your training plan.

Download VIRTUAL TRAINER brochure


VT is CE guaranteed. The European and international regulations and standards regarding electrical equipment in swimming pool are applied. The SELV IP66 controller may be placed close to the pool within 2 mt. The IP68 connectors prevent to expose of danger parts and offer complete safety from permeation of liquid matter.