Virtual trainer track & field FAQ

What is VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport?

VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport (VTM) is the LED Light Strip that moves your TRAINING up to next level, the best AID to improve your athletic performance in SPRINT disciplines. The LED light provides you a reference pointer to follow: a pacemaker with settable speed and acceleration. The VTM main mode impose the LED light to cover the distance you have chosen in the desired time, following an adjustable built in acceleration curve. This curve has been obtained by statistical analysis of data related to a significant number of races performed by both elite and regular sprinters. Furthermore, the Rest Time between reps is shown by a LED light. Thus, allowing accurate and repeteable workouts to be carried out.
VT Multisport is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech .

Who is the VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport user?

Virtual Trainer Multisport has been designed to provide an aid to those disciplines where sprint and run performances are crucial. Thus, VTM is advisable in SPRINT athletic disciplines like Track and Field and in those TEAM SPORTs where running speed plays an important rule like American football, Basket, Soccer,and Rugby. No matter the degree of workout you can develop, VTM can be set at different levels of difficulty just changing the basic setting.


What references about VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport?

VT Multisport has been designed as an extension of the VT Swim that claims plenty of installations working around the world.

What is the technology behind VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport?

The hearth of this patented technology is the programmable LED Light Strip that allows each LED to be singly driven with an accuracy of one hundredth of second.

Fixed or Mobile installation?

VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport can be used Fixed of Mobile . Fixed applications are needed from length of 100 mt on, they require a significant installation job to be designed on demand. Mobile applications from 25 mt up to 100 mt are less expensive, universal and more portable: the athlete himself can lie down the strip before each training section.

What is the accuracy in terms of space and time?

VTM provides 3 LEDs light every 100 mm. That means space resolution of 0,1 meters. More than 1 LED can be activated at the same time so the spot light becomes longer and better seen. Time accuracy is guaranteed within one tenth of second even with strip longer than 100 mt.

How many athletes per lane?

The basic VTM version foreseen one athlete per lane. Solutions with more athletes per lane can be produced on request.

What is the VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport price?

VTM price depends on configuration. VTM single line, is the cheapest configuration thought for the single athlete. More complex installation, where construction works are needed are in sport clubs affordability. Ask your free quotation.

Indoor or Outdoor applications?

The LED Light of VTM is very well visible in Indoor application. When installed Outdoor VTM is well visible during sunset hours or in winter time periods with low sun light intensity. Of course, in full sunshine period the usage of VTM is not advisable.

What is the typical exercise with VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport?

VT Multisport helps your coach in giving you the pace. It allows direct comparison of your performance with both champions and direct competitors challenge. VTM is the ideal tool to train your starting phase of 100 and 200 meters race. Workouts focused on improvements of Reactivity and Power Progression along the first 30 meters can be really carried out by VTM.

Download VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport Manual

Is VIRTUAL TRAINER Multisport safe?

VTM is CE guaranteed. The European and international regulations and standards regarding electrical equipment are applied. The low voltage controlled microprocessor does not imply electrical risks. The IP68 LED Ligh Strip allows to work with VTM even in raining whether.