virtual beep

Beep Test Trainer

(BTT) BEEP TEST TRAINER in the new frontiere to perform Legér TEST:

  • A LED RABBIT to follow
  • Countinuos Show of Level-Stage Reached
  • A way to train before TESTING

BEEP TEST TRAINER is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech .
It provides a LED light moving spot, configurable as speed and acceleration.


Of the same Agility Trainer Family:

(SAT) Speed Agility Trainer
(VTS ONE) Virtual Trainer Swim ONE
(VT MED) Virtual Trainer Medical

Download BTT 1.0 Quick Guide


Think to run behind a LED light spot that pulls you at desired speed and acceleration. Think a reference point which forces to improve your workouts by:

  • the LED light spot that runs the distance-time choosen by you
  • the LED light Increasing speed at each new stroke as desired
  • the Legér test performed by the help of the LED light
  • performing any number of REPEATS with any REST time between them
  • The starting sequence that provides the regular “at your marks”, “set” and “shot” advices


BTT package comes with the Handbag (dimensions about 300-250-150 mm) and the LED Strip in a Coil (25 -50 meters).
The embedded microcontroller unit that drives the LED strip is fed by 12 V internal battery.
BTT can be operated by your WiFi device, just typing its ip address in the browser.

Handbag Internal Layout:

  • 1 switch ON Pushbutton
  • 2 pause-restart Pusbutton (Optional)
  • 3 charging plug
  • 4 buzzer
  • 5 LED strip plug