The average Track and Field audience wants to see world records of Usain Bolt or the others world champions. They want to see action! Then, the Athletes are forced in training smarter with state-of-the-art equipment, the best training techniques and the coolest, edgiest technology in training! SPEED AGILITY TRAINER as high technology equipment in SPORT training, gives something more:

  • A RABBIT to follow in training
  • A PACEMAKER programmable in speed and acceleration

SPEED AGILITY TRAINER moves up your training to a new engaging dimension

SPEED AGILITY TRAINER is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech . It provides a LED light moving spot, configurable as speed and acceleration, to be followed.


Get more results from your Training

By SPEED AGILITY TRAINER you have a reference that leads you at desired speed and acceleration.

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In which SPORT is SPEED AGILITY TRAINER effective?

Each discipline where sprint and run performances are crucial gets benefit from SPEED AGILITY TRAINER, from Track and Field to Soccer and Baseball. Think to run behind a LED light spot that pulls you at desired speed and acceleration. Think to jump from a point to another driven by the LED light spot set at desired distance. Think reference point which forces you the accelerations sudden changes imposed by yourself. All this is SPEED AGILITY TRAINER. Version V2.7 allows you to improve your workouts by:

  • following a LED light spot that runs the distance choosen by you in the time you like
  • following a rising speed curve designed according to a mathematical model
  • following a LED light spot that runs both as Shuttle and as Ladder path
  • performing any number of guided repeats with any accurate resting time between them
  • drill at 70 – 80 – 90 % of your best according to the type of training you need to carry out seasonally
  • being focused on starting detail by performing a great number of guided starts. The starting sequence provides the regular “at your marks”, “set” and shot advices
  • being focused on the right stride, right frequency and the best ground contact time. This is performed by steady LED light spot along the LED strip
  • running by the help of a repeatable pacer that offers you the right and accurate reference


SPEED AGILITY TRAINER (SAT) package comes with the Handbag (dimensions about 300 mm width – 250 mm high – 150 mm deep) and the LED Strip in a Coil (25 -50 meters).
The embedded microcontroller unit that is driving the LED strip is fed by 12 V internal battery.
As soon as the LED Strip is connected to its socket on the Handbag and the SAT is switched ON the LED strip is lighted. Then, SAT is ready to be operated by your Wifi device, just typing its ip address in the browser.

Play SAT with your Coach or by Yourself, on the Atlhetic Field or close to your Home
SAT LED strip can be installed anywhere

Once the 12V internal battery is charged by the included Charger you can enjoy SAT, free of any wiring to electric power, all day long. LED Strip is water proof (IP 68). It can be laid on the track (or on any flat surface) either in Permanent or Removabe positioning.

Operating SAT
After switching the system ON, just check connenction on your Wifi device. Then:
1 – Select the MODE
2 – Choose DISTANCE (length to be run) and TIME (to cover the choosen distance)
3 – Choose Number of Repeats (how many times to run) and Rest Time (resting time between reps)